Face thread lifting

Face thread lifting

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Soleen Beauty Center Facial Thread Lift

The Soleen Beauty Center Facial Thread Lift uses sutures or threads that are specifically engineered to grab the surrounding tissue resulting in a lifting of brow, jowls or neck. These sutures have a series of knots covered by special cones that allow the threads to be placed with little to no discomfort.

Thread with Knot and Cone

The cones produce a “foreign body” type of response in the body that causes multiple small fibrotic areas to develop around the cones and underlying knots. This fibrosis helps to fix the threads in place so that the surrounding tissue can be pulled up without discomfort or dimpling. The combination of multiple threads (4 per side for jowls, 2 per side for brow or neck), and the fibrotic reaction make the Soleen Beauty Center Facial Thread Lift a comfortable and effective procedure with immediate results.

The Soleen Beauty Center Facial Thread Lift is a great option for individuals who have experienced the effects of gravity and want to restore the higher, more rounded contour of their cheek, lift their brow or tighten sagging neck skin.
So if you:

  • Desire to restore the youthful anatomy of your face
  • Desire to improve your facial appearance without increasing the volume on it
  • Desire to improve your facial appearance and restore volume with your own fat (Natural Face Restoration)
  • Desire to improve the volume in your cheeks without implants
  • Desire to improve your lower face and neck by reducing the amount of fat in surrounding areas with Lipo-sculpture techniques

For many patients, the Soleen Beauty Center Facial Thread Lift represents an excellent choice for restoring a more youthful facial appearance.

Soleen Beauty Center Facial Thread Lift Procedure Detail

The procedure begins with accurate marking of your face in order to attain optimal position all of the sutures.

Next, photos are taken and you will be given a mild sedative and pain medicine. You are taken to the operating room and positioned lying on your back with your head slightly elevated. Monitors are placed and initial readings recorded to insure adequate monitoring. Your heart rate, oxygen level, ECG tracing and blood pressure are all monitored continuously throughout the procedure. The face and neck area are prepped and draped using sterile technique. Local anesthesia will be injected into the area lateral to your temple for mid-face lift, at your hairline above the brows for brow lift and behind your ears for neck lift as well as at all exit points and along the planned path of the suture.A small incision is made in the temple, above the brow in the hairline or behind your ear. All incisions will be ½ inch or about 1cm.

The threads are then placed under the skin and along the marking lines. The threads pass through the fatty tissue above the muscle and below the skin. After all sutures are placed the face or neck are smoothed to assure optimal placement and to avoid dimpling. The sutures may be placed into mesh that had previously been attached to the fascia in the temple and behind your ear or directly into the fascia for the brow. The sutures are then tied together and pull the skin upwards for an immediate lift. The skin is then closed and bandaged and after monitoring you for another 30 minutes, you are allowed to go home. All patients should have someone pick them up at MedSpa 21 and should not plan to drive themselves home.

A second procedure can be performed several years later to further correct the effects of gravity.. Once you arrive at MedSpa 21, your photo will be taken and you will be given medication to help you relax and for pain. All monitors will be placed on you as before and initial readings taken. You will be lying on your back as in the first procedure with your head slightly elevated. Once your skin is prepped in the necessary areas, local anesthesia is injected in the scar from the first surgery so that it can be completely removed by excision. The sutures are then elevated, the knots released and the sutures tied down more tightly to enhance the previous lift and regain the correction that was lost with time. The skin is then closed and bandaged. You will be monitored for 30 minutes after the procedure and allowed to go home with a previously arranged driver.

The Soleen Beauty Center Facial Thread Lift has little downtime and few restrictions on activity. Dr. Marino recommends that you refrain from strenuous activity for a full week and eat soft foods only for the first week.

Regular daily activities other than strenuous exercise can be resumed the next day. You can shower after 24 hours, but avoid a bath or swimming until the skin is completely closed, typically in 3-4 days and occasionally longer. Return to MedSpa 21 in 5-7 days for removal of the skin staples used to close the skin.

Soleen Beauty Center facial Thread Lift can be completed alone but the results may be better when combined with certain procedures including:

Liposuction of the lower face and neck with particular sculpturing of the jowls to enhance the lower face.

Liposuction with fat transfer to the face.This is best completed about 4 weeks prior to the thread lift rather than on the same day.

Lipo EX of the neck and lower face. Lipo EX is an exceptional RF treatment that helps to tighten and thereby lift the neck and lower face by inducing skin tightening. It is the perfect adjunct to the Soleen Beauty Center Facial Thread Lift.

The Soleen Beauty Center Facial Thread Lift has been met with excellent patient satisfaction and safety both in the United States and overseas. Part of the reason for the great success has to do with extensive studies using ultrasound and dynamic monitoring to ensure optimal placement for the desired lift and to eliminate any discomfort. The studies were so well done that the current technique has allowed for beautiful results with little risk of any lasting discomfort and the research in this manner continued to confirm that patients with the Soleen Beauty Center Sutures placed in the face and neck had the desired change in contour with no irregularity and no discomfort.

The Soleen Beauty Center Facial Thread Lift is performed using local anesthesia in an operating room. Currently the number of physicians in the United States performing the procedure is limited. Physicians are available in California, New York and now Texas to perform the procedure.

MedSpa 21 whose medical director is Dr. Barbara Marino is proud to be one of the first practices outside of California and New York to perform the procedure and one of the first in Houston.

Good candidates for the Soleen Beauty Center Facial Thread Lift are individuals with the following characteristics:

  • Desire to restore the more shapely youthful facial contour by reducing hyper-functional lines and jowls.
  • Desire a volume increase (in conjunction with contouring of the lower face and neck and with fat transfer to the face).
  • Have experienced the effects of gravity causing “sagging” and want the more youthful, lifted facial appearance.
  • Have had other cosmetic procedures and desire an enhanced appearance on the face and neck.
  • Have no uncontrolled chronic medical conditions such as diabetes or hypertension. Individuals currently taking medication or supplements that control any underlying health conditions are still good candidates for this procedure.
  • Are within 20% of their ideal body weight with few exceptions.

If you are interested in the Soleen Beauty Center Facial Thread Lift, but think you may not be a good candidate, it is best to schedule an appointment and allow Dr. Marino to guide your decision to do what is optimal for you.

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